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Neoconix Expands FPConnected™ Portfolio with Introduction of FX-Beam™ Integrated Connector-FPC Solution

Neoconix Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of its high speed FX-Beam flexible printed-circuit (FPC) jumper technology. The FX-Beam products are semi-custom flexible printed circuit (FPC) jumpers that provide a flexible, separable, electro-mechanical link between two rigid printed circuit boards(PCBs). The product consists of an advanced FPC design including an ultra-low profile 68 position X-Beam™ connector and stiffener integrated […]


Samsung Seminar

Neoconix Inc. has been invited by Samsung Core Technology Group to attend their annual in-house Core Technology Fair held on September 12th & 13th at the Samsung VIP Center within “Samsung Digital City” located in Suwon, South Korea. This prestigious invitation allows Neoconix to introduce our unique electrical connector technology to a potential audience of 30,000 Samsung engineers. In addition, Neoconix is one of only a few select companies […]


Neoconix Expands High-Speed Portfolio with Introduction of 56Gbps Y-Beam™ Connector Solution

Neoconix Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of its high-speed Y-Beam™ interconnect technology. The Y-Beam technology was developed specifically for ultra-high-speed applications running at 28Gbps, 56Gbps, and beyond, and can be implemented with NRZ or PAM-4 signaling. The Y-Beam products have a mated thickness of only 0.40mm, resulting in an extremely short signal […]


Neoconix expands DLP® Product Family to support Texas Instruments DLP® 230GP (S246 DMD)

Neoconix Inc. has fully released a PCBeam™ 54 Position Connector to reliably connect Texas Instrument’s new DLP230GP (S246 DMD) Chipset to the mating PC Board. This DMD supports the cost driven qHD market requiring a very small form factor coupled with low power consumption. The connector size reduction in overall area makes this a reality, the S246 PCBeam 54 position Connector is 25% smaller vs. the S312 connector […]


Neoconix expands DLP® Product Family to support Texas Instruments DLP® 3310 (S315 DMD)

Neoconix Inc. has fully released a PCBeam™ 92 Position Connector to reliably interconnect Texas Instrument’s new DLP3310 (S315 DMD Chipset) and a mating PC Board or Flexible Printed Circuit. This DMD is almost 50% smaller than the DLP4410/S312, thereby requiring a similar connector miniaturization. Neoconix patented PCBeam™ technology was able to meet the challenge due to a photolithographic microfabrication […]


Electronic Connectors Shrink to Fit

by Robert Hult, ( Originally posted on ) Incredible advances in processor and memory technology have mandated shrinking all other electronic components from chip capacitors to connectors and the circuitry that joins them. The connector industry has responded to these challenges by introducing new classes […]


Connectors Get Smaller, Tougher for Wearables

by Spencer Chin, ( Originally posted on ) Wearable electronics – whether they are smart watches, smart glasses, personal health monitors, or electronics embedded in clothing – continue to be one of the biggest sectors driving demand for miniature connectors that are able to withstand […]

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