Neoconix Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of its IP67 rated USB3.2 Type-C FPC Bridge solution with integrated X-Beam™ connector. Developed for mobile devices to allow design flexibility for the USB3.2 Type-C receptable location or the termination point to the main board. The product provides a fully tested assembly encompassing a water-resistant IP67 rated, low-profile USB3.2 Type-C receptacle mounted on a high speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and a 48 position X-Beam ultra low-profile connector for FPC-to-Board interconnect. The X-Beam is a compressive interconnect, eliminating the need for any mating SMT connectors on the PC board. The industry proven X-Beam connector occupies minimal board space and offers a rare combination of outstanding reliability, signal integrity and power delivery. The standard FPC length product is fully compliant with the USB3.2 Gen 2 Type-C specification for 10Gbps signal speed combined with current capability up to 5 Amps.