Neoconix Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of its high speed FX-Beam flexible printed-circuit (FPC) jumper technology. The FX-Beam products are semi-custom flexible printed circuit (FPC) jumpers that provide a flexible, separable, electro-mechanical link between two rigid printed circuit boards(PCBs). The product consists of an advanced FPC design including an ultra-low profile 68 position X-Beam™ connector and stiffener integrated at each end and secured to the PCB with a simple, highly reliable screw-down fastening system. The X-Beam is a compressive interconnect, eliminating the need for any mating SMT connectors on the PC board. X-Beam connectors occupy minimal board space and offer a rare combination of outstanding reliability, signal integrity and power delivery. While the connector, FPC and PCB pad footprint are standardized, the FPC layout is designed based on the particular signal, power and length requirements of each application. By combining the advanced FPC design with an extremely short electrical termination path, the FX-Beam FPC jumper uniquely combines high speed signaling (>10Gbps) with significant power delivery (>10A) allowing for signal, power or signal+power applications.

Published on 7-2-19