Neoconix Expands High-Speed Portfolio with Introduction of 56Gbps Y-Beam™ Connector Solution

Neoconix Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of its high-speed Y-Beam™ interconnect technology. The Y-Beam technology was developed specifically for ultra-high-speed applications running at 28Gbps, 56Gbps, and beyond, and can be implemented with NRZ or PAM-4 signaling. The Y-Beam products have a mated thickness of only 0.40mm, resulting in an extremely short signal path with minimal insertion loss. For 100Gbps PAM4, the magnitude of measured insertion loss at the Nyquist frequency is less than 1dB, making Y-Beam an ideal solution for many high speed applications.
With high-density arrays down to 1mm pitch, Y-Beam offers an ideal combination of density and performance, with alternate pitch options also available. Leveraging nearly all of the same design flexibility as Neoconix’s PCBeam™ technology, the Y-Beam™ offerings are available with extensive customizability and low NRE. The connector is solderless and fully separable, allowing for disassembly and reassembly as needed.
By providing separation with minimal loss, the Y-Beam technology can enable more modularity at the system level, simplifying system architectures and providing better cost efficiencies. Implementations can include onboard optical modules, high speed flex-to-board connections, and other interconnects requiring high-speed, high-power, and an ultra-low profile. Neoconix provides Y-Beam products as stand-alone products as well as integrated into flex circuit assemblies.

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Neoconix expands DLP® Product Family to support Texas Instruments DLP® 230GP (S246 DMD)

Neoconix Inc. has fully released a PCBeam™ 54 Position Connector to reliably connect Texas Instrument’s new DLP230GP (S246 DMD) Chipset to the mating PC Board. This DMD supports the cost driven qHD market requiring a very small form factor coupled with low power consumption. The connector size reduction in overall area makes this a reality, the S246 PCBeam 54 position Connector is 25% smaller vs. the S312 connector and 77% smaller than the S315 Connector! The combined DLP system miniaturization enables applications in mobile phones, AR/VR Goggles, Wearables, and Near-Eye Displays. The S246 PCBeam™ 54 Position Connector is a single-piece interposer with bifurcated flange contact arrays, providing redundancy and aggressive wiping action during assembly for enhanced reliability. The heatsink opening, datum pins and thru-holes for alignment are integrated directly into the interposer. This cost-effective design assures precise alignment, simple assembly, and long-term reliability as proven with PCBeam™ connectors integrated into high-volume consumer, medical, and industrial DLP® devices since 2004.

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Neoconix expands DLP® Product Family to support Texas Instruments DLP® 3310 (S315 DMD)

Neoconix Inc. has fully released a PCBeam™ 92 Position Connector to reliably interconnect Texas Instrument’s new DLP3310 (S315 DMD Chipset) and a mating PC Board or Flexible Printed Circuit. This DMD is almost 50% smaller than the DLP4410/S312, thereby requiring a similar connector miniaturization. Neoconix’s patented PCBeam™ technology was able to meet the challenge

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