Neoconix Inc. has fully released a PCBeam™ 54 Position Connector to reliably connect Texas Instrument’s new DLP230GP (S246 DMD) Chipset to the mating PC Board. This DMD supports the cost driven qHD market requiring a very small form factor coupled with low power consumption. The connector size reduction in overall area makes this a reality, the S246 PCBeam 54 position Connector is 25% smaller vs. the S312 connector and 77% smaller than the S315 Connector! The combined DLP system miniaturization enables applications in mobile phones, AR/VR Goggles, Wearables, and Near-Eye Displays. The S246 PCBeam™ 54 Position Connector is a single-piece interposer with bifurcated flange contact arrays, providing redundancy and aggressive wiping action during assembly for enhanced reliability. The heatsink opening, datum pins and thru-holes for alignment are integrated directly into the interposer. This cost-effective design assures precise alignment, simple assembly, and long-term reliability as proven with PCBeam™ connectors integrated into high-volume consumer, medical, and industrial DLP®  devices since 2004.

Publish on July 12, 2018