Where are super low profile mezzanine solutions used?

By David Brearley, ( Originally posted on www.connectortips.com )

With today’s handheld and wearable devices, there is not much room left for connectors, especially in the thickness dimension. Devices in this category included the ubiquitous smartphones, as well as tablets, gaming devices, and wearables – anything that you want to be as small as possible. In devices  like these, there are logs of low profile mezzanine connectors that connect displays, buttons, sensors, cameras, batteries and even antennas. It is desirable that these connections be quite reliable, but occupy the minimum possible physical volume within the device.

A couple of solutions have evolved to meet this challenge.


The usual connector manufacturers have developed a line of “micro miniature” surface mount mezzanine connectors. These are two-piece connectors with spring beams mating with fixed beams. They are generally two-row connectors with the contacts arranged

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Neoconix USB 3.1 (Type C) X-BeamTM Bridge for Mobile Platforms

Fully Integrated Connector Solution Provides High Speed and Design Flexibility

SAN JOSE, CA December 2, 2015 – Neoconix (www.neoconix.com), a leading provider of high performance connector solutions, today announced the availability of its innovative USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge connector solution.  As the newest member of the FPConnectedTM family, the product features superior signal integrity, repairability, and cost savings for leading-edge mobile platforms.  Featuring a seamlessly integrated jumper and connector assembly, the USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge includes an ultra-low profile USB3.1 Type C receptacle, a high speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), and a low profile X-Beam FPC-to-Board interposer.

USB_Bridge_ press release

The USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge provides mobile designers and manufacturers with the ideal solution to reliably and rapidly implement their next generation high speed platforms and is available in a variety of length options for design flexibility. 

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Configurable Connectors in Mobile Electronics

By David Chen, (First published at http://www.connectorsupplier.com)

Today’s market for mobile electronics products is fiercely competitive. Product success requires not only creativity and innovation but also an ability to execute very rapid product development cycles.

The original article first published at http://www.connectorsuppliers.com. To read more, go to http://www.connectorsupplier.com/configurable-connectors-in-mobile-electronics/. Click here to download the PDF version.

Miniature, Microminiature and Ultraminiature – How small can connectors go?

By Bob Stanton (http://www.connectorsupplier.com, featuring Neoconix Inc)

What’s happening with connector sizes these days? The evolution of connectors in our phones and laptops, the change in TV connectors – all seem to be getting smaller and denser. Even the military is demanding smaller and lighter connectors for their portable electronics. The question is, how small can connectors go?

The original article first published in “Connector + Cable Assembly Supplier”. To read more, go to http://www.connectorsupplier.com/miniature-microminiature-and-ultraminiature-how-small-can-connectors-go/. Click here to download the PDF version.

Military Wearables Enhance Soldier Capabilities

By David Shaff (http://www.connectorsupplier.com, featuring Neoconix Inc.)

Military wearables enhance soldier capabilities, but the next generation of battlefield equipment will require an evolution in connector technology.

To read more, go to http://www.connectorsupplier.com/military-wearables-enhance-soldier-capablities. Click here to download the PDF version.