Neoconix and Molex have partnered to deliver a flexible, copper-based high-density and speed (HD&S) electrical interconnect. The low-profile interconnect integrates Neoconix PCBeam™ based interposer with Molex’s Copper Flex technology.

This integrated interconnect solution is designed to deliver the industry’s best overall performance with unprecedented design flexibility, critical features in several of the companies’ target markets which include the telecommunications, server, mass storage, medical imaging, automatic test equipment (ATE), and military command and control center markets.

“Our customers now have access to an incredible, integrated electrical interconnect solution that leverages Neoconix leading edge interposer technology and Molex best-in-class flex circuit technologies,” said Larry Dittmann, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Neoconix. “This relationship is great for both Neoconix and Molex because it is great for our customers.”

Neoconix PCBeam™ interposers feature all-metal spring beams that are permanently embedded onto a dielectric substrate in a high-density configuration. Photolithography and etch are used to define the contact elements. According to the companies, this enables a combination of design flexibility, true-position accuracy, and electro-mechanical performance that cannot be practically achieved using any other technical approach.

Typical configurations provide 0.152 mm (.006″) of true electrical compliance (TEC) per side at 1.00 mm (.039″) pitch to ensure high reliability. A dual-beam contact element is also available to provide contact redundancy in high-reliability applications.

The PCBeam interposer with Copper Flex assembly is available at densities of 1.00 mm (.039”) or less in a variety of pin-matrix configurations with board-to-flex pin counts of 500 input/outputs or greater; single-piece compression and tool-less hardware interfaces, and an impedance matched system that offers 100 Ohm differential and 50 Ohm single-ended options.

The Copper Flex assemblies are available in flexible cable lengths of 4 to 28 inches, and are offered in a variety of thicknesses and custom arrays of various sizes and footprints.

Publish on Jan 10, 2008