Neoconix announced today that their high volume manufacturing site in Shenzhen, China has been fully qualified. The Shenzhen plant is now shipping multiple connector products to leading OEMs for computing and mobile consumer products.

The Shenzhen factory is operated by Unimicron Corporation, one of the world’s largest and most respected printed circuit board and substrate manufacturers. The factory utilizes cost-effective, large format panel manufacturing and automated, state of the art equipment to greatly increase manufacturing capacity and capability for Neoconix interconnect products. This boost in manufacturing capacity coincides with the launch of a range of new Neoconix connector products for high volume mobile devices, computers, and tablets. “Clearly, putting world-class manufacturing capacity in place to support high volume applications in mobile and consumer electronics is a critical step in enabling the next stage of growth for Neoconix. We are fortunate to have a very strong partner in Unimicron, whose manufacturing capabilities and quality systems are known in the industry to be best-in-class,” said David Light, Neoconix Chief Operating Officer.

The Neoconix connector fabrication process utilizes printed circuit board manufacturing technologies, which makes Unimicron an excellent fit as a manufacturing partner. Unimicron is ISO9001 certified and was recently ranked as the world’s number one PCB and substrate manufacturer. “Neoconix products eliminate the connector performance bottleneck with an outstanding combination of interconnect attributes. These products enable new levels of miniaturization while providing mechanical robustness and allowing high power levels and very high data rates in a single connector. Neoconix connectors also provide best in class design flexibility and time to market. We are very excited to bring this technology into our factories and to participate in its growth,” said Steve Chiang, President, Unimicron.

Neoconix development and manufacturing site at its Sunnyvale, CA headquarters will continue to provide design and engineering services, engage in research and development, and manufacture quick-turn prototypes and low volume & military products.

Publish Jan 1, 2010