Neoconix (, a leading provider of high performance connector solutions, today announced the availability of its innovative USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge connector solution.  As the newest member of the FPConnectedTM family, the product features superior signal integrity, repairability, and cost savings for leading-edge mobile platforms.  Featuring a seamlessly integrated jumper and connector assembly, the USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge includes an ultra-low profile USB3.1 Type C receptacle, a high speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), and a low profile X-Beam FPC-to-Board interposer.

The USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge provides mobile designers and manufacturers with the ideal solution to reliably and rapidly implement their next generation high speed platforms and is available in a variety of length options for design flexibility.  The product can be independently mounted thereby eliminating the costly and time consuming manufacturing issues associated with main PCB (printed circuit board) mounting.  Designers can now directly route signals which minimizes the required shielding, PCB layers, copper thickness, thermal considerations, and circuit protection necessary if utilizing the main PCB.  The USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge delivers improved signal integrity versus standard board to board or traditional FPC connectors.  Additionally, repairability is simplified since it’s easier to remove or replace the assembly.  Neoconix is also in the process of developing USB 3.1 Modular Assemblies by leveraging its unique PCBeam technology.

“Our customers are demanding highly sophisticated connector solutions that are ultra-thin and support the fastest interface standards,” said David Chen, Senior Director of Operations, Neoconix.  “That is why we introduced the integrated high performance USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge which provides very low profile with incredible performance and unprecedented design flexibility.”

The FPConnected family of leading integrated connector and FPC solutions enable manufacturers to rapidly develop the low profile, high performance designs required for leading-edge mobile devices.  “The introduction of these combined solutions signifies the evolving partnership between Neoconix and Unimicron to jointly provide advanced, high performance products to support increasingly sophisticated design platforms,” said William Wang, President, Unimicron-FPC Technology Inc.  “Our companies are dedicated to developing products that will help our customers to quickly and reliably develop highly differentiated products at the lowest cost.”

Publish on Dec 2, 2015