Neoconix, Inc. is pleased to announce that Samtec, Inc. has renewed their Neoconix PCBeam™ technology license agreement to continue their dual source arrangement on the Samtec Z-Ray® product line.

This dual source arrangement allows Samtec to support new customers with an additional variety of fine pitch, high density array products including board-to-board and high speed interposers.

David Chen, Senior Director of Operations for Neoconix said, “Samtec has been the ideal partner in expanding our world-wide presence over the last two years. The extension of our dual source arrangement for our PCBeam™ interposer technology further demonstrates our dedication to long-term customer support.”

Steve Hillerich, Samtec Product Manager, added, “The high-speed design and rugged characteristics of the PCBeam technology are a natural fit for Samtec’s line of ultra-low profile, high-density, signal integrity optimized solutions. OEMs are evaluating both the standard and custom design interconnect and interposer systems.”

Neoconix, a subsidiary of Unimicron Technology Corporation, is a leading supplier of high density array interposers for advanced mobile products (power & signal with ultra-low profile), high speed connectors (up to 25 Gbps), and LGA/LGA or LGA/BGA socket solutions (up to 5000 pins). The lithography based manufacturing process offers maximum customizability with minimal tooling costs to the customer.

Samtec, Inc., is an international supplier of interconnects, cable assemblies, and design solutions. Products include high speed board level interconnects, high speed cable assemblies, optical systems, IC packaging and microelectronics expertise, the industry’s largest variety of board-to-board interconnect, rugged and power systems, micro rugged interconnects, and sealed products. Samtec provides full channel system support, streamlining and optimizing the signal path, from the IC to the board and beyond.

Publish on Aug 31, 2015