Design flexibility is a hallmark of PCBeam™ technology.

Neoconix has developed a manufacturing model analogous to those utilized in the PCB and semiconductor industries. Custom products are designed into a standard panelized format, much like custom IC’s are designed into a standard wafer size. The result is the ability to efficiently process custom products essentially as if they were standard products…a characteristic that is very uncommon in the connector industry.

Neoconix can address virtually any desired physical layout. Moreover, design adjustments can generally be made with very simple CAD artwork modifications when optimization is desired after initial prototyping. Example options include the following

  • Grid or irregular contact patterns
  • High array density to 0.74 mm pitch
  • High row density to 0.5 mm pitch
  • Customer specified stack height to < 0.20mm
  • Engineer-able spring constants
  • Virtually any interposer outline pattern
  • Virtually any placement of alignment features
  • Large arrays > 5,000 positions
  • Multi-layer interposers