PCBeam™ contact technology offers engineers design versatility featuring fine pitch and low profile options as well as high performance, rugged interconnects for Board-to-Board, Flex-to-Board and Device-to-Board applications.


The PCBeam™ manufacturing process utilizes photolithography, plating, and etching processes, as well as structural materials from the printed circuit board (PCB) and flexible printed circuit (FPC) industries. Sheets of metallic contact beams are defined in their ultimate array configuration using a large format lithography and etching process to create the 3D “PCBeam” contact array. The contact sheets are integrated into interposer structures comprised of high performance PCB materials using lamination, plating, and etching processes.

· PCB based for flexibility in thickness, shape & size
· Ultra-low profile to 0.28mm
· High volume manufacturability
· Superior shock & vibration to 1500g’s
· High current capacity
· Choose from standard, custom, or semi-custom
· High speed 56+Gbps, power & shielding




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