Connecting All Data

The Networking / Communications Market has experienced a revolution over past 10 years with the merger of traditional Telecommunications (Telecom) and Data Communications (Datacomm) into a single homogenous Digitally Data Driven Market.  With the rapid increase in bandwidth and reliability coupled with the dramatic decline in costs – Internet Protocol (IP) or Packet Networks have displaced the circuit switched networks of old.

To enable the explosive growth in packet networks, designers essentially have been driven to do more with less – i.e. – exponentially increase port densities and bandwidth in a given footprint, dramatically lower costs and significantly increase reliability.  But how have they done this?

Communications engineers have made extensive use of “Moore’s Law” with rapid improvements in semiconductor technology as well as new technologies such as board-to-board connectors and IC sockets implementing PCBeamTM technology from Neoconix.

PCBeam technology enables designers to dramatically increase performance by providing high signal integrity at speeds over 25 Gb/s within a significantly smaller footprint  –  higher density interconnect (as dense as 0.74mm pitch).  Additionally, Neoconix has developed a “Dual Beam” format based on PCBeam technology that allows for greater signal integrity, power transmission and redundancy.

Neoconix technologies have also revolutionized the way design and manufacturing engineers design for manufacturing by enabling modularization of the design, thus driving further cost reductions without sacrificing reliability or performance.