Connections Built to Last (Mil-Aerospace)

The Military, Defense and Aerospace electronics markets (Mil-Aerospace) have led the way in development of many innovative commercial technologies due to the rigorous set of requirement they pose.  Generally, the Mil-Aerospace markets push the boundaries of technology into new frontiers from avionics to wearable computers to portable high bandwidth data communications.  All of these systems require extreme ruggedness, high reliability, high performance packed in the smallest possible packaging.

Neoconix PCBeamTM technology is unique in its ability to meet these extreme requirements.  With its market leading low dimensional profile (<0.20mm height), high density contacts (<0.74mm), extreme ruggedness (capable of up to 1500 G force), high bandwidth (> 25 Gb/s) and high current carrying capacity (up to 10A per contact) – Neoconix connector and socket solutions singularly provide Mil-Aero design engineers the flexibility and options they need to meet their demanding performance envelopes.


Mil-Aerospace product application areas:

Commercial and Defense Avionics

Radar / Optical Sensors and Electronics

Electronic Warfare / Information Warfare Systems

Command / Control / Communication Systems

Data Links

Intrusion Detection Systems

Missile Subsystems

Tactical Communication Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Satellite Communications (SATCOM)


Ground System Diagnostic Test Equipment

Flight Critical Power Inverters & Power Supplies

Data Acqisition