Connecting Diagnostics to Care (Medical Electronics)

From advancing prevention (health and fitness) to medical care, it all starts with medical electronics.  Developments in technology have enabled doctors to identify, diagnose, administer and treat diseases and ailments of the body like never before.  Diagnostic technology, in particular, has made great strides as technology has been able to reduce the cost and size of tools while increasing the accuracy and performance.  This has enabled a new class of tools, once the domain of hospitals and doctors in advanced nations to be placed in the hands of the common citizen in emerging markets.

Neoconix is in the forefront of enabling these advancements in medical electronics by providing connector solutions that enable medical electronics designers to develop next generation diagnostic and treatment technologies.  By providing market leading connector density, the lowest profile dimensions and highest reliability solutions – designers are now able to bring to market tools that meet the markets requirements for lowering cost, size and increasing reliability and performance.


Medical Market Solutions Addressed:

Diagnostic / Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Gas Analyzer



Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Anesthesia Delivery

Patient Monitoring

Infusion Pumps


Diabetes Meter



Ultrasound System

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

CT Scanner




Health and Fitness

Exercise Equipment

Fitness Monitors