Consumer Electronics (CE)

Consumer electronic products have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Today, driving the highest growth in all of electronics, CE products continue to innovate at a blistering pace. This innovation is driving tremendous demand on electronic suppliers and designers to push the envelope for performance, packaging, durability (ruggedness), and time to market (TTM).

Neoconix PCBeamTM connectors and socket technologies are an ideal solution for this market and present substantial value to product designers facing the current challenges in the CE market.

Addressing the four major challenges (highlighted above) facing Consumer Electronics designers today:

Performance: Connectors and sockets provide the highest signal propagation performance of any interconnect vendor in the industry. Connectors enabled with PCBeamTM technology are capable of surpassing 25Gb/s signal transmission.

Packaging: Neoconix interposer based electrical connectors provide the lowest dimensional profile of any electrical connector in the industry at 0.23mm (height – z axis) while also providing the highest contact density – supporting aggressive contact pitch of 0.74mm (in both the x and y axis).

Durability: Connector products are capable handling high “G” forces and maintain operability that is unmatched in the industry – able to withstand over 1500 G’s of force.

Time to Market (TTM): Neoconix offers tremendous flexibility to it customers through is standard products offerings as well as customized products. Lead-time for standard products spans from immediate availability to within a few short weeks. Samples of custom products may be delivered to a customer as quickly as within 2 weeks from finalization of design.