Multi-layer Interposers

Interposers traditionally join two mating boards that have mirror-image pin assignments.  However, with Neoconix’s PCBeam™ technology, a straight-through signal path is no longer a constraint.   The FR4 core can simply be designed as if it were a multi-layer PCB.  Quick-turn MLI changes can be implemented in as little as 2 weeks.

This capability can be utilized for situations such as:

  •   Re-routing pin assignments following new silicon debug
  •   Enabling usage of new devices on legacy boards that are not footprint compatible
  •   Incorporation of internal ground or thermal planes within interposer
  •   Incorporation of embedded capacitors, etc.

Embedded Contact Solutions

EmbeddedContacts2      embedded

Another unique capability of Neoconix is that of “embedded contacts.” In this embodiment, Neoconix integrates its PCBeam contact elements directly onto the organic substrate of an active device (e.g. module) or directly onto a flexible printed circuit. Advantages include the elimination of a separable interface, a reduced overall profile, a shorter signal path, and the removal of a separate item on the BOM.