The PCBeam™ 57 Position Connector is an ultra-low-profile interconnect solution for the Texas Instruments DLP3010 (S245 DMD) for use in low-power/ low-lumen applications requiring minimal Z-Axis height*. This Interposer’s incredibly low 0.43mm (0.017”) mated height is approximately a 75% reduction in height as compared to legacy DMD interconnect solutions.

This one-piece, high density and cost-effective solution is enabled by Neoconix’s patented PCBeam™ technology that has a variable core thickness to provide an ultra-low-profile height without affecting the working range of the contacts. The integrated hole/slot alignment features have been further enhanced to compensate for the elimination of embedded alignment pins. These features allow for precise location of the Interposers to the DMD and main PC Board.

*Consult TI for application suitability

•  High density 0.7424mm area-array pitch
•  Ultra-Low profile, 0.43 mm mated height
•  PCBeam™ high reliability LGA spring contacts
•  Single piece frame for improved dimensional tolerances
•  Hard gold-plated contact interface
•  RoHS 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) compliant





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