The PCBeam™ 100 Position Connector is an interconnect solution for the Texas Instruments DLP4710 (S312 DMD). This one-piece, high density and cost effective solution is enabled by the use of an over-molded plastic frame which integrates two 50 position PCBeam™ interposers, a heat-sink opening, and features for precise alignment of the Interposers to the DMD and main PC Board. A bifurcated contact design enhances the product reliability by providing an aggressive wiping during assembly.


• High density 0.7424mm area-array pitch
• Low profile, 1.60 mm mated height
• PCBeam™ high reliability LGA spring contacts
• Bifurcated contact tips
• Over-molded plastic frame for improved
dimensional tolerances
• Hard gold-plated contact interface
• RoHS 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) compliant

Downloadable Product Documents:
Product Specs and Application Notes