Run Longer / Use Less Area

The proliferation of personal consumer electronics as well as the development battery powered robotic systems and electric vehicles (EV) are driving tremendous advancements in battery technology – including battery connectors.

Neoconix PCBeamTM enabled battery connectors are designed as a compression connector implemented using an interposer concept.  The connector may connect a flex-cable/board to a rigid board or two rigid boards.  Additionally, the connector may using metal spring on both sides of the interposer (LGA/LGA) or may be surface mounted one side with metal springs on the other (LGA/BGA).

Battery connectors by Neoconix have proven to be an enabling technology – providing unprecedented flexibility combining the lowest possible resistance with the smallest possible dimensional height and area, highest current carrying capacity and reliability.

Example: Battery Connector Comparison

Battery Connector Comparison

10 pin / 15 Amp Battery Connector Comparison

Lowest Resistance (Run Longer)

Neoconix battery connectors have the lowest resistance of any connector technology.  Traditional connectors insert, on average, 25 to 30mΩ of resistance.  Neoconix battery connectors, on average, insert only 1.5mΩ of resistance –20x reduction! This translates into longer battery life – as much as 10-15% increase in battery life is possible. Additionally – the transition from traditional graphite anode to silicon anodes in the battery will change the discharge curve characteristics such that small reductions in battery connector resistance will dramatically improve battery life.

Smaller, Thinner and Lighter

From the graphic example above, you can see that a traditional connector requires 2.5x the area on the board.  Additionally, the Neoconix battery connector is as thin as 0.35mm and is 1/3 the weight of the traditional connector on the right.

Higher: Current / Heat Dissipation / Reliability

PCBeam Technology inherently allows for high current carrying capacity.  In fact, Neoconix battery connectors are capable of carrying up to 3 Amps of power per contact.  Combine this with excellent heat dissipation characteristics and you have one of the most reliable connector technologies ever developed for battery applications.