Enhancing Signal Integrity for High Speed Applications

Meeting the Challenges of Ever-Increasing Data Rates
Connectors capable of propagating signals at 1GHz or greater are generally categorized as High-Speed Connectors.  At Neoconix, advancements in our PCBeamTM technology have resulted in industry-leading signal integrity capabilities with connectors featuring lower insertion loss and reduced crosstalk levels.  With products available now for 28Gbps and 56Gbps signaling environments, Neoconix supports some of the world’s most advanced telecom and datacom applications.

  • Low Insertion Loss

 <-0.5dB at 20GHz


  • Ultra Thin

 < 0.30mm thickness

  • Unparalleled customization options

Many options for dielectric materials

‘Tunable’ parameters (via, Dk, thinness, etc.)

Internal traces / ground planes in connector


With the thinnest connectors in the industry coupled with rapid low cost customization, Neoconix High-Speed Connector solutions provide the shortest electrical path and tunable impedance to meet your specific high-speed requirements.


 Insertion Loss vs. Frequency

1mm pitch / 1mm mated height


Tune High-Speed parameters to meet specific application requirements

Tune parameters per application


Neoconix High-Speed Connector Detail                                                                     Neoconix High-Speed Connector Detail


Please use our Configurator to define a custom solution that can be delivered to you with 2 weeks of design completion.