Low Insertion Loss → High Signal Integrity = High-Speed

Connectors capable of propagating signals at 1GHz or greater are generally categorized as High-Speed Connectors.  At Neoconix, advancements in our PCBeamTM technology have resulted in industry-leading signal integrity capabilities.  Neoconix now supports some of the world’s most advanced telecommunications applications with its High Speed Connector products, operating in >25Gbps environments.


  • Low Insertion Loss

 <-1.5dB at 20GHz


  • Ultra Thin

 < 0.35mm thickness

  • Unparalleled customization options

Many options for dielectric materials

‘Tunable’ parameters (via, Dk, thinness, etc.)

Internal traces / ground planes in connector


With the thinnest connectors in the industry coupled with rapid low cost customization, Neoconix High-Speed Connector solutions provide the shortest electrical path and tunable impedance to meet your specific high-speed requirements.


   Insertion Loss vs. Frequency                                       Customization

Insertion Loss of High-Speed Neoconix Connector

1mm pitch / 1mm mated height

Tune High-Speed parameters to meet specific application requirements

Tune parameters per application


Neoconix High-Speed Connector Detail

Neoconix High-Speed Connector Detail

Please use our Configurator to define a custom solution that can be delivered to you with 2 weeks of design completion.