Neoconix socket solutions are targeted for silicon ICs packaged using a Land Grid Array (LGA) package. Ideal for Embedded CPU applications, Module to Board, Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) and custom ASIC applications in low to mid-range volumes. Typically, this solution is used to provide the capability to mate and de-mate IC packages during proto-typing, rework, and to preserve investment in IC and/or PCBs. LGA sockets products from Neoconix may be rapidly customized for an application’s specific requirements.

Neoconix PCBeam™ technology to 8000+ contacts
Photolithography process reduces tooling cost and time
PCB core provides CTE matching & signal routing
Custom size, shape, thickness from 0.3mm to 4mm
High density array .74mm, 0.8mm, or 1mm pitch
Solderless LGA/LGA or solderable LGA/BGA formats
Data rate capability to 56+Gbps
1 Amp+ performance per pin


















PCBeam™ Technology

“1366” Machined Frame with Edge Alignment

“2280” with Center Alignment Spring Finger


“5448” Large Pin-count with machined AI Frame