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Neoconix LGA Socket Technology

LGA Socket Technology from Neoconix

Moore’s Law continues to drive the size, speed and complexity of today’s semiconductor solutions. With ever increasing speed comes the need to rapidly move data on and off chip. To accomplish this goal, semiconductor suppliers have significantly increased the number of pins on their devices.

The continual drive to increase speed and performance has also had the effect of driving significant complexity and cost of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) these devices are placed upon. Therefore, the cost of the silicon as well as the PCBs have gone up exponentially.

LGA sockets provide Designers and Manufacturing Engineers the following benefits;

Pad surfaces on both the LGA device and the main-board simplifies design
Solderless connection between the socket and the LGA device, providing ease of installation and removal of the LGA device
Minimizes CTE mismatch between LGA device and main-board
Allows upgrade path
Reduces scrap costs


Neoconix LGA Socket Advantages

Photolithography contact manufacturing process reduces investment cost on custom solution.
Laminate construction further minimizes CTE mismatch concerns with underlying PCB.
Laminate construction also allows the possibility of signal routing.
Neoconix’ unique manufacturing technology allows easy scalability from 2 to 5000+ contacts.
High density array solutions down to 0.74mm x 0.74mm.
Ultra-low profile down to 0.3mm high.
Data rate capability up to 56Gbps.
Short electrical path provides excellent Inductance capability <1nH.
1 Amp+ performance per pin
Ideal for;
o Embedded CPU applications
o Module to Board, Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) and custom ASIC applications
o Low to mid-range volume applications


Neoconix is an industry leader in providing low-profile socket solutions. Contact Neoconix today with your LGA socket requirements or use our Configurator Form to obtain a quote.