The LPS products are solderable versions of those in the Neoconix LPM product family. Also developed for mobile devices and other space-constrained applications, the LPS products feature the same high density, but in a configuration that allows automated pick & place and SMT assembly onto the FPC. Like the LPM family, these products can uniquely combine high speed signaling (>10Gbps) and significant power delivery (>10A) within one connector. Optionally, Neoconix can also provide the corresponding flex circuit, with the connectors already pre-attached.


High performance PCBeam™ connector technology
Low profile, <1.0mm connector thickness High density 0.7424mm contact pitch High current to >10A on some configurations
High speed to >10Gbps
Meets PCIe3.0 & USB3.1 signal integrity requirements
Pick & place compatible (interposers, pins, nut)
Additional customization options offered
Compliant with ROHS 2011/65/EU and IPC-4101B (halogen-free)


Part Number 1 Row Columns Pins Length (mm) Width (mm)
LPS-024A 4 10 24 11.4 3.6
LPS-044A 5 12 44 12.9 4.4
LPS-056A 6 12 56 12.9 5.1
LPS-080A 6 16 80 15.9 5.1
1. Additional Customization Available Upon Request

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Product Overview
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