Neoconix is the leader in high performance custom connector and sockets solutions.  Our solutions, based on our patented, award winning PCBeamTM technology provide enabling technology to our customers in various electronic device markets.

Some of our key differentiating features include:

  1. Extremely Thin (< 0.35mm)
  2. High-Speed Performance (> 25GHz signal transmission)
  3. Highly Rugged (capable of withstanding > 1500 G’s)
  4. Low Resistance (< 1.5mΩ resistance)
  5. High-Density Contacts (capable of < 0.74mm pitch)

Along with the features listed above, Neoconix, unlike our competition, is capable of providing custom solution with very low Non-Recurring (NRE) costs in as fast as 2 weeks!

Get the exact connector solution you need, settle for less.

To obtain a no obligation quote or test test drive our solution – click here or on the “Customize your Connector” link to the right to get started with our on-line Configurator.