Custom Connectors designed to fit your exact need. 

PCBeam™ technology enables a compressive contact array, unparalleled in design versatility and customization. PCBeam™ Connectors and Interposers are economically customized for FPC-to-Board, Board-Board and IC Socket applications. Our knowledgeable design staff will help you create a unique solution or quickly modify one of our standard connectors to provide the perfect fit.


High-Speed Performance (10Gbps – 25Gbps – 56Gbps signals)
Extremely Rugged (> 1500 G’s)
Low Resistance (~ 15mΩ average per position)
High Density Contacts (down to 0.74mm pitch)
Full FPC and USB connector assemblies
Full Customization:
Custom shape and size.
Custom contact positions from 1 to 8000+
Choose mounting hole size and locations.
Custom Height Range: 0.28mm to 4mm
Any contact population within standard pitch: (0.74mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.27mm)
Minimal or no Tooling for standard pitch
Partial Customization:
Modification of any standard Connector.
Quick turn lead-time: 2-4 weeks