techno– Design Versatility
– Small in Pitch and Profile
– High Performance Interconnects for:

     * Board-to-Board
     * LGA Device-to-Board
     * Flex-to-Board


The PCBeam™ process, utilizes photolithography, plating, and etching processes, as well as structural materials from the printed circuit board (“PCB”) and flexible printed circuit (“FPC”) industries. Sheets of metallic contact beams are defined in their ultimate array configuration using a large format lithography and etching process to create the 3D “PCBeam” contact array. The contact sheets are then integrated into simple interposer structures using standard PCB materials with lamination, plating and etching processes. After building the products in sheet form, the contacts are “singulated” by etching, and individual parts are separated by dicing and then tested. The resulting one or two-sided contact arrays can be used as free-standing interposers or readily integrated into simple, low cost connector housings that provide alignment, attachment and actuation. This unique and proprietary methodology enables:

  1. Small footprint – the most contacts per area
  2. Thin – “Z” thickness from 0.23mm
  3. Excellent signal integrity to beyond 25+ Gb/s
  4. Excellent current carrying capability to 3A per contact
  5. Outstanding shock, vibration & drop test capability
  6. Fast, custom designs; no molds required
  7. Low cost

The technology can also be applied to multilayer substrates for multi-layer interposer (MLI) embodiments.

The technology can also be applied to directly embed the contacts into a PCB or flex circuit itself.