Neoconix PCBeamTM technology is a revolutionary development in the connector industry, providing various benefits. Below, we have provided many of the tangible benefits Neoconix customers have experienced when using our connector and socket solutions.

  • Low Profile
    1. Capable of less than 0.23mm
    2. Ideal for Mobile, Wearable or any space constrained application
  • High Performance
    1. Capable of achieving over 25Gbps
    2. Ideal for Communications, Medical, SATCOM (any data-plane applications)
  • Rugged
    1. Capable of withstanding 1500 GsShock
    2. Ideal for Military / Defense, Aerospace, Industrial applications
  • Rapid Prototyping
    1. Delivery of your customized solution in as little as 2 weeks
    2. Customized for your application’s specific requirements
  • High Current Carrying Capacity
    1. Capable of up to 3A per contact
    2. Great for power applications (mobile and wall powered)
  • Low Resistance
    1. Battery connectors with < 1.5Ω of resistance
    2. Ganged power and ground contacts result in up to 20x lower resistance
  • High Reliability
    1. Matching Thermal Coefficient of Expansion with printed circuit board (PCB)
    2. Secure mating (retention)