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PCBeam Technology

techno– Design Versatility
– Small in Pitch and Profile
– High Performance Interconnects for:

     * Board-to-Board
     * LGA Device-to-Board
     * Flex-to-Board


The PCBeam™ process, utilizes photolithography, plating, and etching processes, as well as structural materials from the printed circuit board (“PCB”) and flexible printed circuit (“FPC”) industries. Sheets of metallic contact beams are defined in their ultimate array configuration using a large format lithography and etching process to create the 3D “PCBeam” contact array.

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BGA/LGA Hybrid Solutions

LGA1     LGA

Interposers are traditionally configured with a compression interface on each surface (LGA/LGA configuration). However, Neoconix also offers a surface mount option (LGA/BGA configuration).

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