Mobile devices are increasingly thinner, while battery capacity and size increase. As a result space saving, lower profile, and high efficiency connectors are needed to optimize the design and maximize performance. The X-Beam Battery interposer integrates the historically proven Neoconix micro-spring design into an over-molded thermoplastic carrier allowing superior electrical performance coupled with ease of assembly in a ~ 1mm total mated height.

X-Beam Image

The X-Beam™ Battery Connector utilizes a redundant contact design for the battery terminal contacts (power and ground) to achieve a ultra-low resistance of between 1.50 – 5.00mOhm / terminal and up to 12 Amps current. The X-Beam™ Mobile FPC Battery family provides three (3) product options to meet most mobile device needs.

Exploded View

Top Down


  • Ultra-low profile, 0.30 – 0.40mm interposer base height
  • One-step high reliability screw assembly
  • High speed signal contacts to >10Gbps.
  • Pick & place compatible standard hardware
  • Additional customization options offered
  • Compliant with ROHS 2011/65/EU and IPC-4101B (halogen-free)
  • Downloadable Product Specs for X-Beam Family: XBM-G028A, XBM-G048A
Side View
Neoconix P/N Power/GND Contacts Signal Contacts Current Max. Terminal Resistance Signal Contact Resistance Length Width Base Height FPC Thickness Stiffener Thickness Total Height
XBM-G016A1 12 4 4Amps <10mΩ <30mΩ 7.65 6.65 0.35 0.15 0.30 0.92
XBM-G028A 24 4 8Amps <2.5mΩ <30mΩ 10.80 6.65 0.35 0.15 0.40 1.02
XBM-G048A 44 4 12Amps <1.5mΩ <30mΩ 11.2 7.48 0.40 0.15 0.45 1.07

Note 1: Prototype tooling in process