High Speed – High Power FPC link between PC Boards

The X-Beam™ FPC Jumper solution provides a flexible electro-mechanical link between two circuit boards, utilizing an advanced flexible printed circuit (FPC) with an ultra-low profile 48 position connector on each end. The board connections are made with a surface mounted, ultra-low profile X-Beam™ Connector, which occupies minimal board space and offers outstanding reliability. A high-performance flex circuit maintains excellent signal integrity with the capability to carry more than 5A of current. The XFPC product series is part of the Neoconix FPConnected family of FPC-connector assemblies.


• High Power FPC + Low Profile X-Beam Connector
• High Speed: up to 10Gbps
• High Current: up to 5A in standard configuration
• Standard lengths of 50mm, 80mm, 120mm, 150mm
• Impedance: 85± 9Ω
• Highly Reliable, Screw-Down Connection to Mainboard
• Low Profile Mainboard Connection: 1.17mm
• Small Footprint to Mainboard: 11.25 x 7.48mm


Downloadable Product Documents:
Press Release
Product Overview
Product Specs and Application Notes