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Neoconix LGA Socket Technology

LGA Socket Technology from Neoconix

Moore’s Law continues to drive the size, speed and complexity of today’s semiconductor solutions. With ever increasing speed comes  the need to rapidly move data on and off chip.  In order to accomplish this goal, semiconductor suppliers have significantly increased the number of pins on their devices.

The continual drive to increase speed and performance has also had the effect of driving significant complexity and cost of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) these devices are placed upon.  Therefore, the cost of the silicon as well as the PCBs have gone up exponentially.

Designers and Manufacturing Engineers have new concern  they must deal with – how to manage the fallout if you have a board failure or semiconductor failure.  It is not feasible to scrap a high value PCB due to the failure of a single large semiconductor.  Likewise, with some integrated circuits now costing over US$1000.00 – it is not feasible to scrap the IC if the board has a major issue.  What is a manufacturer to do?

LGA Sockets from Neoconix to the rescue

Land Grid Array (LGA) sockets are used to attach high value semiconductors such as microprocessors or Central Processing Units (MPUs or CPUs) or Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to a printed circuit board or motherboard. Neoconix LGA sockets offer high current capacity (>1A per position), low resistance (<15 mΩ), and a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is matched with the underlying PCB.

Neoconix is an industry leader in providing low-profile socket solutions.  We have shipped thousands of sockets with pin counts greater than 1000 pins.  Contact Neoconix today with your LGA socket requirements or use our Configurator Form to get a quote.