PCBeamTM – Just Gives You More

Are you looking for a traditional mezzanine connector solution to meet your challenging connectivity needs?

How about using a solution that gives you more – is tailored for your application – exactly meeting your size and performance requirements?

PCBeamTM by Neoconix provides system designers more flexibility, more performance and more contacts per cm2 than common mezzanine connectors.

PCBeam vs. Traditional Mezzanine Connector
Neoconix PCBeam Traditional Mezzanine Connector
Performance 25+ Gbps 10 Gbps
Contact Pitch Customize: 0.8 – 1.27mm 1.27mm only
Contact Density 178 pos. per cm2 71 pos. per cm2
Contact Count Customize few discrete options
Stack Height Customize few discrete options

Across the board – Neoconix PCBeamTM connectors give you more options, flexibility and performance than traditional mezzanine connectors.

We encourage you to learn more about PCBeam Technology by Neoconix or obtain a quote for your own custom design today.