Engineered for Enhanced Signal Integrity

Engineered specifically for high speed, the new DLBeam™ construction offers enhanced signal integrity for applications up to 56Gbps. Utilizing a modified design and manufacturing flow, DLBeam™ products take advantage of 60% less surface area to significantly reduce parasitic capacitance. The design also features a shorter, more direct signal path to minimize attenuation.
The new DLBeam™ interposer construction can be applied to PCBeam connector products at 1mm pitch and higher, and will scale to finer pitches in the future.

PCBeam™ Standard Construction

Coreless DLBeam™ Construction


Now available for PCBeam designs at 1mm at higher
Up to 70% less insertion loss vs. standard PCBeam at 20GHz
Ultra-low profile capability as low as 0.28mm (coreless option)
Thickness up to 4mm
Current capacity to >2A per single position<>/td>
Option for separable (LGA/LGA) or solderable (LGA/BGA) mounting to PCB or FPC
Mechanically interchangeable with standard PCBeam interposers (no hardware changes needed if migrating to DLBeam)
Compliant with ROHS 2011/65/EU and IPC-4101B (halogen-free)
Ultra-Thin Coreless Construction



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