Neoconix products primarily fall into two categories:


Connectors from Neoconix are based on its patented PCBeamTM technology and used to connect two Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).  These connections may be from a rigid circuit board to a rigid circuit board (Board-to-Board) or from flexible circuit board to rigid circuit board (Flex-to-Board).

Neoconix connector products provide a slew of benefits such as lowest dimension profile in the industry, extremely high performance (greater than 25Mbs transmission rates) and highly rugged (greater than 1500Gs of shock and vibe).  Connectors are available in either standard configurations or may be customized to an application’s specific need.

To learn more about Neoconix’s range of  connector products, please click here.



Neoconix socket solutions are targeted for silicon ICs packaged using a Land Grid Array (LGA) package. Typically, this solution is used in order to provide the capability to mate and de-mate  silicon ICs due to one or more of the following reasons:

1.  Prototyping

2. Maintain ability to rework production product

3.  Ability to de-mate high value silicon to preserve investment in IC in case of board failure

4.  Ability to de-mate silicon to preserve investment in PCB in case of silicon failure

LGA sockets products from Neoconix may be rapidly customized for an application’s specific requirements.  To learn more, please click here.