Neoconix is the leading supplier of low-profile, high-performance electrical connectors. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, our world-class engineering team provides advanced electrical connector solutions that dramatically improve the electrical and mechanical performance of small form factor connectors while providing unparalleled design flexibility and reduced system cost.

Neoconix has developed a revolutionary new approach to connector manufacturing that utilizes printed circuit board (PCB) processing techniques to produce interconnect products. Characterized by exceptional dimensional control at fine feature sizes, Neoconix’s PCBeam™ technology is ideal for a broad set of applications that require high density, high performance, and high reliability. Neoconix’s market reach includes the computing, telecommunications, mobile electronics, military, medical, and test equipment markets.

Neoconix maintains a global development and manufacturing footprint with headquarters in San Jose, CA, USA, and dedicated production of PCBeamTM connectors through its longtime partner, Unimicron Technology Corporation, the world’s largest PCB manufacturer, in Shenzhen, China.


Interconnect Technology Innovation

Neoconix’s PCBeam™ interconnect technology adds a 3rd dimension (z-axis) to traditional 2-dimensional PCB processing. Metal contact elements (springs) emanate from one or two sides of a PCB-based material (typically FR-4), which is then contained in an application-specific housing or clamp. A photolithography and etch-based manufacturing process allows excellent dimensional control compared to traditional stamping and molding, and the process is scalable to very fine feature sizes for space constrained applications.

Neoconix technology is protected by a strong IP portfolio including over 60 patents (issued and pending), which are focused on the core structures, manufacturing methods, and application innovations that provide the Neoconix PCBeam connectors’ competitive advantages including best-in-class signal integrity in a miniaturized connector with lowest profile and smallest footprint.

Neoconix’s development of advanced technology and products for electrical interconnect applications is unique in the industry. Our focus is to provide systems designers with higher performance and more reliable electrical connectors while increasing the range of product available. Our advanced technologies enable the industry’s highest density and lowest profile compliant, metal-based electrical connectors.